CIRCE 2013

The CIRCE project is proud to announce the 8th edition of its award winning CIRCE course in the second week of July 2013 (7-14th 2013) in Aquileia, Italy.

The ancient Roman town of Aquileia is situated at the head of the Adriatic at the edge of the lagoons, about 10 km from the sea. Today, the city is small (about 3,500 inhabitants), but it was large and prominent in Antiquity. The archaeological area and the patriarchal basilica with late Roman mosaics have been declared UNESCO World Heritage. The 2013 course will feature several new sessions, with a consideration of emerging internet technologies and so-called blended learning techniques, as we continue to assess developing media.

The promotional flyer contains all the steps  to apply for a grant. Deadline for the grant application is  January 16th 2013.