• Academia Homerica

    This summer school is held in Chios and focuses on the immortal Homeric epic poems by offering a carefully selected choice of lectures and combining them with instructional tours to museums & archaeological sites in and around Chios and mainland Greece. Detailansicht

  • Academia Homerica 2018

    Announcement of the Academia Homerica 2018 Detailansicht

  • Academia Latina

    This summer school is held in Rome and guarantees a theoretical and practical approach to classical topics by combining lessons with instructional tours to museums and archaeological sites. Detailansicht

  • Academia Ragusina

    This Academia is held in Dubrovnik for students, teachers and researchers. Its main interest are the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Detailansicht

  • Academia Saguntina

    The ACADEMIA SAGUNTINA, European Summer School in Classical Civilisation, will bring together young people from different European countries up to Saguntum (Valencia) - SPAIN in order to work in a very active and practical way on daily life in ancient Rome and on ancient Greek drama. Detailansicht

  • Academia Saguntina 2018

    Programme and registration for Academia Saguntina 2018 Detailansicht