• Euroclassica annual conference
    at Vivarium novum Academy, Frascati/Rome, 25-28 August 2024

    Euroclassica and Vivarium novum Academy are proud to invite their members and friends to participate in the annual conference of Euroclassica, that will be held in Frascati on 25-28 August 2024. Information below. Detailansicht

  • EC Jena August 25 to 27 2023 Information, Registration, Programm

    The leaflet offers the complete series of lectures of the Euroclassica Congress 2023 in Jena, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Institute of Classics Detailansicht

    EC 2023 in Jena, Program

  • EC Cyprus August 26 to 29 2022 Final Program

    The next Congress of Euroclassica will take place in Cyprus.
    All important information you'll find here.
    The deadline for registration has been extended to June 30. Find below the final version of the program. We hope a lot of you will follow the Conference. Detailansicht

  • EC Congress Split/Mostar 2021

    All important information for the EC Congress August 27-30 2021 in Split/Mostar.
    Please note: The deadline for inscription is extended to June 30!
    Don't hesitate to attend the EC Congress 2021! Detailansicht

  • EC Congress Split 2020 cancelled

    Unfortunately Euroclassica's Congress 2020 in Split had to be cancelled. The colleagues from Split and Mostar will be happy, dis iuuantibus, to host the conference in 2021. Detailansicht

    Information about the cancellation by th organising team

  • 2020 EUROCLASSICA Congress in Split/Mostar August 28th - 30th

    Here is the first preliminary information about next year's Euroclassica conference. Detailansicht

    Euroclassica Congress 2020 Split/Mostar, Preliminary Information

  • 2014 EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS in Copenhagen: 29th August - 31st August

    Latest version of the programm of the Conference in Copenhagen. Detailansicht


  • 2013 EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS in Lisbon: 30th August - September 1st

    Latest version of the programm of the Conference in Lisbon. Detailansicht


  • 2012 EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS in Vilnius: 31st August - September 2nd

    Latest version of the programm of the Conference in Vilnius. Detailansicht


  • 2010 EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS in Madrid: September 3rd - 5th 2010

    Latest version of the programm of the Conference in Madrid. Detailansicht


  • European Symbols: A textbook for students of Classical Languages

    Presentation held by Andreas Thiel and Peter Glatz at the Euroclassica-Congress 2009 in Skopje and Ohrid (3 MB!) Detailansicht


  • Euroclassica Folder

    This folder (preliminary version) presented by President Alfred Reitermayer at the Euroclassica Conference 2009 in Ohrid shows the tasks, academies and projects covered by the Euroclassica Detailansicht


  • 2009 EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS 27 Aug. - 30 Aug. 2009 in Macedonia

    This year´s Euroclassica Congress is held in Skopje and Ohrid. The link leads to the final programme for the next Euroclassica Congress in Macedonia organized by Prof. Vesna Dimovska. Detailansicht


  • Patrimonium in manuscriptis conservatum

    Unpublished manuscript heritage of the Croatian Latinists in the libraries and archives of Dubrovnik: preliminary report (EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS Dubrovnik, 29.03-02.04.2005.) Detailansicht

  • Euroclassica Bucharest

    Programme Detailansicht


  • Situation of Latin and Greek in Germany (school year 2005/2006)

    The link leads to Prof. Dietmar Schmitz' presentation of the current situation of Latin and Greek in Germany given in St. Petersburg, 22nd September, 2007. Detailansicht


  • Classica Petropolitana: Conference Poster

    The link leads to the poster of the EUROCLASSICA conference CLASSICA PETROPOLITANA in St. Petersburg (September 19-22,2007) Detailansicht


  • 2007 EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS 19 Sept - 23 Sept 2007 in Petersburg

    This year´s Euroclassica Congress is held in St. Petersburg. The link leads to the final programme for the next Euroclassica Congress in Russia organized by Elena Ermaloneva. Detailansicht


  • 2006 EUROCLASSICA CONGRESS 28 Oct - 1 Nov 2006 in Stockholm/Sweden

    This year's Euroclassica Congress is held in Stockholm/Sweden. The Euroclassica Congress is organised by Eva Schough Tarandi in cooperation with Svenska Klassikerförbundet. Detailansicht


  • 2005 Euroclassica Conference in Dubrovnik: Workshop "ICT in the Classroom"

    Here you can find the material prepared for the workshop. Detailansicht


  • 2005 Euroclassica Dubrovnik: latest program

    The document contains all important information for participants of the congress.
    Click the link below to download the registration form (English)! Detailansicht


  • 2004 Euroclassica in Genua: program

    The document contains all important informations for participants of the congress. Detailansicht


  • 2003 Euroclassica in Vienna: April 23rd to April 26th 2003

    SODALITAS – Federal Association of Teachers of Latin and Greek in Austria and The Department of Classical Philology, Medieval and Neolatin Studies at the University of Vienna invited to EUROCLASSICA - ffocussing MEDIEVAL LATIN. The General Assembly was held on April 26th 2003, 9.30 to 12.3 ... Detailansicht


  • Euroclassica Statutes

    At the inaugural assembly on 2nd September 1991 there was established our association which is non-profit making and came under the purview of the Luxembourg law of 21st April 1928 and is controlled by the present statutes. Detailansicht