Latin & Greek at primary school



On 26th January 2022, the international conference ‘Monsters in the classroom: Latin and Greek at primary school’, organized by Evelien Bracke (Ghent), Steve Hunt (Cambridge), and Lidewij van Gils (Amsterdam), took place online. Teachers from eight countries gave presentation about the practicalities of teaching classical languages at primary school. On this page, you can find the recording of the presentation as well as further information about each of the projects.

For more information, you are welcome to email Evelien Bracke (, Steve Hunt (, or Lidewij van Gils (


-->Lidewij van Gils and Evelien Bracke: introduction and presentation of the Ancient Greeks – Young Heroes project

  1. video: Introduction and presentation Ancient Greeks – Young Heroes project
  2. powerpoint introduction and presentation Young Heroes project
  3. link to Ancient Greeks – Young Heroes project
  4. link to OIKOS National Research School in Classical Studies
  5. link to a National Research Programme in the Teaching of Classics 

-->Alette Rosing (The Netherlands): ‘Teaching Classics at primary school with the help of secondary school pupils’

  1. video: Alette Rosing
  2. ink to Minimus Latin Course
  3. contact:


-->Maria Oikonomou (United Kingdom): ‘Teaching Primary via Teaching Higher’ n Kipf, Eleni Bozia, and Lidewij van Gils

  1. video: Presentation Maria Oikonomou
  2. contact:


-->Jane Maguire (United Kingdom): ‘Benefits of introducing Latin into UK primary’

  1. video: Presentation Jane Maguire
  2. Link to Classics for All
  3. contact:


Stefan Kipf, Eleni Bozia and Lidewij van Gils


-->Liz Syed (United Kingdom): ‘Using comprehensible input in the Latin primary classroom’

  1. video: Presentation Liz Syed
  2. Syed Liz powerpoint
  3. contact:


-->Andrea Taddei (Italy): ‘Educare all’Antico: An experience in some Italian primary schools’

  1. video: Presentation Andrea Taddei
  2. Taddei Andrea powerpoint
  3. contact:


-->Sofia Goula (Greece): ‘In Greek we trust:

  1. video: Presentation Sofia Goula
  2. link to Elliniki Agogi
  3. contact:


-->Brigitte Franceschetti, Laurence Duchemin et Adrienne Durand (France): ‘"Comment apprendre le grec ancien aux jeunes enfants: Faire naître et grandir l’amour du grec en eux’

  1. video: NAUSICAA
  2. link to NAUSICAA
  3. contact:


-->Eleni Bozia (United States): ‘"Translating" Classics for Generations Z and Alpha’

  1. video: Presentation Eleni Bozia
  2. powerpoint: Eleni Bozia powerpoint
  3. contact:


-->Stefan Kipf (Germany): ‘Latin and inclusive language teaching: Conceptual basics’

  1. video: Presentation Stefan Kipf
  2. powerpoint: Powerpoint Stefan Kipf
  3. contact: